Conceptual engineering

Is the first stage of the engineering, it begins with a project pre-design, technical and economical viability of the project is identified, bases and guidelines are defined to be considered in the basic engineering.


Basic engineering

The first stage consists of client´s requirements and data gathering, in the second stage all the requirements should be reflected, as well as basic specifications, technical sheets, designs criteria, calculation reports, cost estimate, includes a detailed revision of the conceptual engineering.


Detail engineering

Consists on the information and data gathering revision, field data collection, equipment, piping distribution, isometrics, technical specifications of materials and equipment. Includes a detailed revision of the basic engineering.



Includes the consultant engineer visit to the plant, checking, examination of the installations, verification according to current applicable norms and assessment of the systems adequation respect to installed areas. Ending up with a technical report.



Technical consultancy to our clients offering a project integral program, including: specifications, codes and standards to follow, planning , organization and control of the project processes.


Risk analysis

Identification of the risk areas and assessment of the consequences in case of fire , providing preventive actions, describing the risk for its analysis.


Training courses

Fire protection systems courses
Alarm systems courses.
Mechanic systems courses at client´s request.


Work supervision

We use a methodology in order to watch the activities coordination with the objective to timely accomplish the economic and technical conditions stated on the work contract. Focusing on quality , which is regulated on the specifications, technical norms, and manufacturer recommendations on material and equipments. Our supervisor have the experience, professionalism, organization capacity, and technical criteria for the best decision making.



Our newsletters are published on a regular basis, including specific and general topics of the fire protection systems and mechanical systems and are sent via e-mail to our clients at no charge.