Fire protection systems

  • Systems designed according to international codes, norms and local ordinances on fire protection.
  • Automatic sprinkler systems.
  • Protection systems with hose cabinets.
  • Pumping systems and storage tanks.
  • Special Extinguishing systems.
  • Special risks.
  • Hydraulic calculations.
  • Seismic calculations.


Fire Alarm systems

  • We provide engineering to develop special projects of fire protection alarms.
  • Notification systems(pull-down stations and sirens).
  • Monitoring systems and sprinkler systems supervision, pumping equipment and water reservoir tanks.
  • Smoke detection systems directional / conventional.
  • Projected beam detection, detection by smoke aspiration.
  • Special gases detection.
  • Intelligent control panels.
  • Remote events monitoring.
  • Smoke control and handling.


Compressed air and vacuum systems

  • Compressed air and vacuum central plants.
  • Air compressors, screw type or reciprocating.
  • Filtering system and hair dryers.
  • Distribution networks and pressure tanks.
  • Connection to equipments.
  • Metering and control systems.
  • Vacuum pumps.
  • Vacuum piping systems.


Natural gas and LP gas systems

  • Storage and distribution gas systems.
  • LP gas stationary tanks.
  • Natural gas and LP gas distribution lines.
  • Meters and regulators of gas.
  • Systems verification.


Process gases and medical gases

  • Equipment and piping systems for different facilities in buildings.
  • Oxygen, nitrogen, medical gases, argon and CO2, etc.