Information Reception

  • A meeting with the client is coordinated in order to know their needs and requirements.
  • A date is set in order receive the information to proceed with the project.
  • If the required information is not available in digital or printed form, a visit to the existing facility should be made.


Information analysis

  • Scopes of the work are reviewed.
  • Potential risks of the building to protect are reviewed.


Engineering work

  • All the information needed for the project is checked.
  • Number of layouts is set in order to proceed to a pre-engineering.
  • Engineering is made detailing every aspect of the design. Necessary calculations are developed in order to test the engineering made.


Engineering Revision

  • Engineering is sent to the client to proceed with the project revision.
  • This revision can be in 3 ways. Client´s direct revision, Client´s insurance, or by a 3rd party involved in the topic.
  • Project´s approval.

Final submit

  • A set of information is prepared in order to hand it in to the client.