Project description letter

Is a general description of the whole project, here are described the Design Criteria and the information considered for the completion of the engineering.


Equipment and Material Spec Sheets

Pumps, Compressors, Pressure Regulators, Piping, Accessories, Valves, etc. Delivery of the technical specifications of all components of the proposed systems, for example Tanks,



Pressure drop calculation on Fire Protection systems, Voltage drop calculation on alarms systems and calculations to size seismic supports (where applying).
Calculations on pressure drop for Compressed Air systems and LP/Natural gas.
In the case of water based fire protection systems, the pressure drop calculations are performed using the Hazen-Williams equation for pipe of circular cross section.
For Compressed Air and Gas Systems, the pressure drop due the Friction in pipes and fittings is calculated using the Darcy-Weisbach Equation.



Delivery plans for clients and/or AHJ review is done either digitally or printed as required during the design phase. The final delivery package will include the approved plans for construction.